Australia Day 2017

Things to do in Melbourne

Australia Day, the officially recognised National Day of Australia marking and celebrating the anniversary of the First Fleet of British Ships at Port Jackson, New South Wales in 1788.

The Flag of Great Britain was raised at Sydney Cove by the then Governor Arthur Phillip. Today, celebrations are more reflective of the diverse multicultural make up of Australian society and recognised by community and family events. 

Celebrated annually on 26th January, there is discussion and debate to change both the name and the date of the celebration with some advocating it should be called Anniversary Day or Foundation Day with other derivitives, the more extreme suggestions being Invasion Day or even Survival Day. A change of date has been put forward as 1st January annually, this being the anniversary of the Federation of Australia created in 1901, the same year as the death of Queen Victoria.

As always, Melbourne celebrates in style and with both large corporate events and local community, small business activities

Here's just a selection and something for everyone  ..
... and if you're staying home with friends, family, neighbours having a backyard barbie, don't forget the #Lamingtons

Here's the recipe Lamington's Made Easy
Whatever you're up to, have fun and Happy Australia Day